Welcome to Micro4yoU website

Micro4yoU develops innovative microbial-based green technologies for different sectors:

  1. agro-food sector;
  2. environmental sector.


Micro4yoU has 2 patents in its portfolio.

The first patent is a microbial formulate for honey-bees, characterised by a new mechanism of action which acts on bee's immune system against bacterial-related pathologies. The commercial product under development from this patent is Micro4Bee.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 717701.

The second patent regards the bio-restoration of stone surfaces of historical monuments through the use of microorganisms. The related commercial product under development is Micro4Art .

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Micro4Art-sulphate is commercially available

Micro4Art-sulfate is now distributed by BRESCIANI Ltd.

http://www.brescianisrl.it/newsite/ita/xprodotti.php?sub_... News  »

Micro4yoU is part of the association Woman & Tecnology

Micro4yoU has been always characterised by a strong component of woman and it's not part of the Association Woman & Technology

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Micro4yoU receives the price "Sustainable Development" 2013

On Friday November 8th Micro4yoU will receive a price directly from the Italian President of Republic, during the awards ceremony of "Sustainable Development" 2013, which will take place in Rimini at ECOMONDO-Key Energy.

http://http://www.fondazionesvilupposostenibile.org/premio News  »
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